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Aesthetic dentistry covers all areas of dentistry and uses it in order to achieve the highest quality aesthetics of a smile. Every cosmetic dentist must have creativity and be able to master a number of technical knowledge and skills in order to achieve a therapeutic result in addition to aesthetics. To create the best smile for you, our skilled cosmetic dentistry team also takes into account your overall facial appearance, including face shape, skin color, right hair and lips.

Aesthetic dentistry (procedures):

  • hollywood smile makeover
  • metal-free crowns
  • veneers
  • teeth whitening
  • orthodontic appliances
  • surgical procedures on the gums.
  • Aesthetic dentistry allows us to give the patient beautiful teeth in addition to healthy ones.

Through 3 steps we take you to a new smile:

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prije2 kasnije2
Answers to frequently asked questions:
What is a smile makeover?

Find out more about the Smile makeover method HERE.

How lasting are the whitening results?

The durability of the results depends on the patient, more specifically on hygiene and eating habits. To keep your teeth white for longer, you should avoid cigarettes and stained food and drinks.

Does it make sense to wear orthodontic braces at my age (adult patients)

Orthodontic braces always make sense. Placing the teeth in the correct position enables much easier and better maintenance of oral hygiene and ensures superior aesthetic results when making prosthetic replacements.

Is it healthy to whiten your teeth on your own, at home?

Due to the easy availability and wide range of various teeth whitening products used "at home", it is not recommended to use them in uncontrolled conditions without prior consultation with a dentist! Even mild “home” whitening gels can cause serious damage to the gums.

How to whiten teeth if I have a dental crown?

The dental crown cannot be bleached. Depending on the condition and appearance of adjacent teeth, adjacent teeth can be bleached and / or an existing dental crown can be replaced to match their color and achieve the desired appearance.